The Runic Odyssey Oracle Deck by Eva Lee D.

Deck Review: The Runic Odyssey Oracle by Eva Lee D.

The Runic Odyssey Oracle is nothing short of magical! I have been looking forward to working with this deck for quite some time, and when I finally held them in hand and flipped through the cards for the first time, I knew this deck was something special.

Now, divination has always been a keen interest of mine, and tarot was the first divinatory tool with which I truly resonated on a profound level. After many years of working with various decks, each uniquely inspired by a wide scope of artistic styles and magical traditions, I began searching for one that might aid in deepening my connection to my Scandinavian roots. Serendipitously, The Runic Odyssey Oracle made its way onto my radar at exactly that moment!

The Cards

The deck consists of 33 cards (side note – the numbers nerd in me loves decks with repeating numbers – 33, 44, 55, etc.), with 8 cards dedicated to each of the aetts (Freya’s, Heimdall’s, and Tyr’s), an additional card for Wyrd, and 8 more that correlate to each of the major moon phases – absolutely perfect for those who enjoy working with both runic and lunar energy in their magical practice. Consisting almost exclusively of earthy browns, the artwork is absolutely captivating.

Light brown cards serve as the backdrop for complexly-layered figures and objects comprised of darker shades – almost reminiscent of watercolor work in their appearance. These are then overlaid with gold foil designs that showcase the rune itself, its aett, and the symbol of its planetary correspondence within intricate, almost sigil-like linework. The name of the rune is spelled out in gold at the bottom of the card, along with a couple of keywords, and it is all encased in a foil border. Those with an eye for detail will notice the small triangular indent in the top of the border, above which the alchemical symbol for the rune’s associated element appears. The card backs keep it simple and streamlined, with a rendering of Yggdrasil in the center of a delicate frame.

From a tactile perspective, the cards have a lovely heavy weight to them, and are velvety-smooth – without being slippery, which is key. Despite their thickness, they are pleasantly pliable and shuffle easily right out of the box. The matte gold gilding on the edges also provide a little extra grip (in addition to being visually striking), and the cards are perfectly sized at about 2.75in x 4.75in (6.75cm x 11.75cm).

Lift the veil of your mind and discover the power of the runes

The Runic Odyssey Oracle

The Guidebook

Nestled in the box along with the cards is a softcover guidebook. This is one of the most unique guidebooks I’ve encountered, in that it includes all of the information in both English and French! It is cleverly laid out, with the English booklet taking up one half, and the French half occupying the other – one only needs to flip the book over (vertically) to change between languages (if you’ve ever picked up a “double issue” of a magazine, this is done in a similar style).

In addition to some historical context, information on runes, and spread suggestions, the book dedicates two full pages to each and every card from the aetts (the sections for Wyrd and the moon phases are a bit shorter). You’ll encounter an exploration of the rune, divinatory meaning, reverse presentation, and correspondences for elements, trees, herbs, crystals, animals, and astrology.

My Pick For…

The Runic Odyssey Oracle is a perfect deck for anyone who enjoys working with cards in their magical practice, is interested in exploring or learning more about the runic system of divination, or is seeking a tool to assist in deepening a connection with Scandinavian traditions.

Want to see more? Check out my flip-through video on Instagram!

About the Creator

Eva Lee D. is a graphic designer living between France and South Korea. Hievaya, her brand, was born from her passions for graphic design and spirituality. Her interest in personal development and well-being led her to fuse these passions to share her creations through oracle cards, tarot cards, runes and much more. Learn more at or follow her on Instagram.

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